Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mothers Day Gift Ideas at jacflash!

AV Max Agate Necklace: US Weekly recently featured this Agate Necklace by a.v. max.  With 5 eye-catching agate stones that drop from a gold link chain, this necklace is sure to make a statement. 

AV Max Gold plated Earrings: Gold ox plated filigree with matte finish and chandelier style $99

Accessories and Beyond Elastic Bracelet: choices of blue elastics and gold rings, black elastics and gold rings, navy elastics and silver rings, white elastics and gold rings,  brown leather with charms and silver rings, gold elastics and silver rings $40 each

AV Max Multi Chain Bib Necklace: All for one and one for all. This multi-link necklace saves you the trouble of looking for all those unique chains and gathers them all into one edgy piece of art. A single chain holds it all together to minimize volume around the neck $125

DA.MA scarves $95 each 

Equipe '70 white patent bag and laptop bag

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