Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

jac and gill went up the hill...

love jac and gill

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

jacflash press: Lou Lou Magazine

Lou Lou Magazine featured jacflash's printed tights seen during fashion week (all $35) in their editor's blog here.

Monday, October 26, 2009

jacflash new arrivals: Transit Par Such

Schools without Borders

Schools Without Borders is an amazing Canadian NGO that sends youth into developing countries to do a variety of volunteer work. They are looking for donations of your aeroplan miles (just a few will do!) to help send more volunteers to the places they're needed.

Please go to to donate. All you have to do is enter your aeroplan number and select the number of miles you wish to donate.

For more info click HERE

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Shenae!!!!

Happy Birthday my little salsa, I miss you and love you oh so


jacflash press: filler magazine

SEA NY wrap skirt from jacflash

Alice and Olivia, charmeuse dress from jacflash

Alice and Olivia wool pant from jacflash, Azzure snake belt used as bracelet from jacflash

Sretsis ruffle dress, from jacflash

Click to see the link here

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

jacflash fashion week: jacflash cobrasnake party photos are up!

Jaclyn is wearing jac by jacflash head piece for personal orders please email

Austin is wearing religion studded leather jacket available at jacflash!

The beautiful Fritz Helder!

Gillian is wearing ripped leggings $40, available at jacflash!

Kaity is wearing lip tights $35, available at jacflash!

We <3 Thomas Neary

Austin is wearing jac and gill cut out stud strap dress, available at jacflash!


Jaclyn (left) is wearing alice and olivia's sequin cascade cardigan, available at jacflash!

Gillian is wearing Costalots glasses chain, available at jacflash!

From left to right, Jaclyn is wearing leopard tights $35, Kaity is wearing lip tights $35, and Gillian is wearing ripped leggings $40, all available at jacflash!

Jaclyn is wearing jac and gill's pull thread racer back tank, available at jacflash!

Mark TheCobraSnake and dj Nasty Nav

dj Nasty Nav and dj meech

Photography by Mark thecobrasnake. For more pictures, please visit

Thank you to Nasty Nav, TheJons and Mark and a huge thank you for everyone who came out!

More photos from Fashion Week will be posted this week so keep posted!

xoxo jac

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

jacflash fashion week invite: jacflash Fashion & Mark TheCobraSnake at Tattoo TONIGHT!!

Tonight is the night! Doors open at 10, email me for guestlist by 7pm at

see you all ce soir!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

for such solemn sundays

woke up at midnight all alone
was it a dream that you had phoned
were you even thinking of me
is it even a possibility
missing me
is it even a possibility

monday morning coming on fast
was hoping this august moon would last
whatever you tell me i wanna believe
is that even a possibility
missing me
is it even a possibility

you placed this promise at my feet
but i need something that i can keep
is it even a possibility

i remember looking at you
wondering if you even knew
so i closed my eyes and counted to ten
was hoping that you would kiss me then
kissing me
is it even a possibility

heart´s been stolen
eyes are swolen
all these words were never spoken
stomach sinking
wishful thinking
wish that you would phone

i wish these fears would disappear
so we could run away from here
is it even a possibility

woke up at midnight all alone
was it a dream that you had phoned
were you even thinking of me
is it even a possibility
missing me
is it even a possibility
you and me
is it even a possibility
is it even a possibility

jacflash words: please dont...

Friday, October 16, 2009

jacflash fashion week invite: TIMEBOMB TUESDAYS @ TATTOO PRESENTS jacflash FASHION & Mark TheCobraSnake!

"FASHION WEEK IS FINALLY HERE! And we've got THE PARTY of the week!!

Toronto Fashion week brings out the fashion elite, and it becomes the week to see and be seen EVERYWHERE around the city! Next Tuesday, make sure you're seen by the worlds most NOTORIOUS party photographer MARK THE COBRASNAKE @ TATTOO!

THATS RIGHT!! TheCobraSnake will be in Toronto for the launch of Fashion Week @ TIMEBOMB TUESDAYS To Shoot the jacflash models showcasing jacflash/jac & gills Top Pick's from their Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Collection!


MarkTheCobraSnake ( - is an American photographer based out of Los Angeles. He maintains his photoblog, The Cobrasnake, which predominantly chronicles Los Angeles hipster and underground party culture as well as documenting the high fashion world. The blog has risen to popularity as an internet phenomenon, and has since been featured in The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Nylon Magazine, the LA Weekly and a number of other arts, culture, and fashion publications.


jacflash! ( - jacflash brings a men’s and women’s fashion retail environment that captures Queen West’s unique brand of eccentric, understated luxe with a mix of upscale rock and roll. Phillippe Starck meets The White Stripes meets Fred Segal, right here in Toronto! jacflash co-founder Jaclyn Genovese describes her line & store; "What we deliver is simple, fashion, music, and glamour, to those seeking to feel and look great, either on the red carpet or just kicking around town!" Also checkout jacflash's regularly updated blog HERE:


NASTY NAV - ( - Co-Owner of PLayDeRecord, Founder of NastyMix records, and the enroute to legendary Wrongbar, Nasty Nav has evolved into a Toronto music/Clubscene Icon. Responsible for the official remix of Thunderheists "Jerk It" he did with JFK(mstrkrft) and having played with the biggest names in House/Techno/Electro at festivals like TIME, LABOUR OF LOVE, DECADENCE and more, his DJ skills are on an INTERNATIONAL level of goodness!




Its Fuckin' Fashion Week!!!
♥ TheJONS!"