Wednesday, October 21, 2009

jacflash fashion week: jacflash cobrasnake party photos are up!

Jaclyn is wearing jac by jacflash head piece for personal orders please email

Austin is wearing religion studded leather jacket available at jacflash!

The beautiful Fritz Helder!

Gillian is wearing ripped leggings $40, available at jacflash!

Kaity is wearing lip tights $35, available at jacflash!

We <3 Thomas Neary

Austin is wearing jac and gill cut out stud strap dress, available at jacflash!


Jaclyn (left) is wearing alice and olivia's sequin cascade cardigan, available at jacflash!

Gillian is wearing Costalots glasses chain, available at jacflash!

From left to right, Jaclyn is wearing leopard tights $35, Kaity is wearing lip tights $35, and Gillian is wearing ripped leggings $40, all available at jacflash!

Jaclyn is wearing jac and gill's pull thread racer back tank, available at jacflash!

Mark TheCobraSnake and dj Nasty Nav

dj Nasty Nav and dj meech

Photography by Mark thecobrasnake. For more pictures, please visit

Thank you to Nasty Nav, TheJons and Mark and a huge thank you for everyone who came out!

More photos from Fashion Week will be posted this week so keep posted!

xoxo jac

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