Thursday, June 3, 2010

jacflash beauty secret: Minx Nails!

So on such a rainy day off as today, I decided to get minxed!

Minx is a new nail fashion that is made of flexible film, and is applied through heat and pressure. Because it's a film and not a polish, it is available in a wide range of metallics and designs that extend fashion to your fingertips.

Minx usually lasts approximately four to eight days on the fingers, and up to four weeks on the toes.

Minx can withstand anything! You can swim, do the dishes, you won’t harm your nails unless you intentionally do so. If it tends to start peeling off for some reason just heat the nails up with a blow dryer, rub the film on the nail and Minx will stick back on!

 Blake Lively, among many celebrities have been minxed
 Chanel Spring 2010 couture runway- minxed

Minx comes in different patterns and colours on sheets like this

Minx Nails can only be applied at exclusive nail salons by a professional Minx technician.

Click here to find a nail salon that offers Minx near you!

I got mine done at :
Heartbreaker Salon

889- Dundas St. West
Toronto, Ont. M6J 1V9

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