Tuesday, October 19, 2010

jacflash new arrivals: spirit hoods

Spirit Hoods, a new line of faux fur animal hoodies, are showing up all over town and quickly becoming a closet staple of the quirky set. Chances are pretty good that if you’ve left your house lately, you’ve spotted a pack of twenty-somethings running around town wearing what appears to be stuffed animals on their heads. Likely, you’ve thought “WTF.” Upon first glance it’s a bit bizarre. But Spirit Hoods, the L.A.-based brand behind the faux fur animal hoods, seems to be taking the city by storm.

Spirit Hoods believes in the conservation and protection of both the planet and its animals, and to help give back they have partnered with and are actively donating a portion of their proceeds to several non-profit organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation, they call this Product Blue.

At Fred Segal salespeople swear by Spirit Hoods as the biggest new fashion trend. Celebrities have also caught onto the Spirit Hood trend...

Fergie in her Wolf Spirit Hood

Ke$ha in her Wolf Spirit hood for the cover of Paper Magazine
Annalynn McCord models the Snow Leopard Half Spirit Hood

The gorgeous team at Wildfox used a couple of hoods for one of their editorials...

They are now available at jacflash!

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