Wednesday, March 14, 2012

what I'm wearing today- Toronto Fashion Week

Capulet Leather Jacket from Jacflash

Today I went to the Adrian Wu , Laura Seigel, Sid Neigum and Chloe Comme Parris shows

At the Laura Siegel show, I especially loved the layers, sporadic cut outs, knapsacks and most of all the hair.

My favorite look at the Sid Neigum show. I am really digging turtle necks on guys for this coming fall.

The Chloe Comme Parris show was truly inspiring. I am definitely going to rock this hair in the next few days. 

In fact, I actually had these photos put aside in my "inspiration" folder, waiting for the perfect Spring day to tie up my locks much like the model's hair in the Chloe Comme Parris show.

The detail on this Chloe Comme Parris blazer was phenomenal. The twist-instead-of-button detail feature was astounding. I also really loved the cuff links and arm jewelry in this collection. 

The forever-fabulous Tony Pham and I

with my beauteous date Tran Pham (Tran Scene Queen)

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