Monday, October 15, 2012

The jacflash Team- meet the fam!

Jaclyn Genovese, owner of jacflash
Jaclyn is also a classically trained singer and a volunteer at the Humane Society in Erin, ON!


                                                         Vanessa, sales rep at jacflash
                                                  Vanessa is also a green activist and foodie!

                                                              Jesse, sales rep at jacflash
                                                       Jesse is also a local dj and epicure!

Lauren, sales rep and assistant manager at jacflash
Lauren is also a portrait and fashion photographer!

Rhian, sales rep at jacflash
Rhian loves everything to do with music, fashion and film and in her spare time she also throws local events pertaining to all three!


Rundell, fashion forecaster at jacflash
Rundell is also establishing his mens jewelry line!

                                                         Marina, sales rep at jacflash
                                         Marina is also a dancer and silhouette-portrait painter!

                                                           Sophia, merchandiser at jacflash
   Sophia is a wardrobe stylist at Entertainment Tonight Canada and knows French, Greek and Italian!

photography by our very own Robert Okine.

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