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jacflash beauty secrets: Happy Australian Day- Love Vanessa

Happy Australia Day!!
January 26th is the Aussie day to shine, and with a piece of the jacflash family down under for the winter, why not warm you up with some of Australia’s best kept beauty secrets! Below you will find my personal top 5 tips that have kept supermodels like Abbey Lee, Elle MacPherson and Miranda Kerr at the top of the industry. With all the sun and salt water we knew there had to be some special tricks to keep them as stunning as they are...

1)      Tea Tree Oil – As Canadians may already know, Tea Tree Oil is a great treatment for dry skin problems and fighting off colds and viruses. But down in Oz this oil is used as a prime beauty supply. Australian women apply tea tree oil to the hair to nourish and prevent dandruff. Try mixing it into a leave in conditioner  and combing through damp hair. This can help with damaged broken hair and split ends. Mixing tea tree oil in moisturizer and applying on skin reduces sunburn and acne.  Even pets can benefit by mixing some of the oil into their shampoo to prevent shedding and odour!

2)      Tahitian Noni Juice – Miranda Kerr (Australia’s hottest new Victoria Secret model) swears by this juice as her number one beauty tip and secret. 

This juice derived from the South Pacific Noni fruit is a natural energy drink that also contains immune boosting minerals and flushes the body from unhealthy toxins. Canadians can order this juice at (www.nonijuiceint.ca).  Australian born swimsuit model (and Diddy’s hot girl in the controversial “Unforgiveable” video) Jessica Gomes has an easier to find solution with the same results; fish oil supplements! This is a know beauty pill among the model elite for its shiny hair benefits and glowing skin effects.

3)      MAC Care Blends Essential Oil in Sweet Orange and Lavender – This teeny bottle was one of the secret sensations of the runways this season, and is being featured in this month’s Australia Vogue. MAC artist Gordon Espinet massaged a few drops if the face-plumping oils into models’ skin to get it gleaming for the runway. The citrus-scented plant-based oil can be used as a primer, face treatment oil or mixed in with your liquid base for a healthy, dewy sheen. Kylie Minogue, and Abbey Lee Kershaw are just a couple of the Australian Goddesses that are already swearing by this new product!

4)      Solid Fragrances – Australian women know that when the sun is shining, your skin is sweating. And a secret way to keep your fragrance on you all day long is to go for a solid perfume bar instead of your normal spray. Aussie supermodel Elle Macpherson’s favourite scent by Diptyque “Philosykos” is now being made into a rich spreadable form of fragrance heaven. The black metal old-fashioned compact is a statement in itself. A cheaper but just as delicious version? LUSH Honey I Washed The Kids is a personal favourite; a mouth-watering honey-toffee scent. They also have a large range of LUSH scents that you can check out at any store in your area. 

5)      Australian Fashion - The fashion trends of different places around the world are exclusive in their own way and Australian fashion reflects a vivacious, creative, rich in color, fresh and exuberant style. Australian fashion labels are now sought after around the world because of their innovative designs. The bold colours of sunny Australian beaches and the starkly contrasting hues of the country’s central desert landscapes are captured in Australia’s fashion palette. Fashion models like Elle McPherson, Miranda Kerr, Gemma Ward and Megan Gale have reinforced Australia’s image as a modern, fun and fresh culture. Australia excels in latest fashion trends for both men’s as well as women’s fashion. The products of Australian designers will make you have an exclusive style statement of your own. Looking for some Aussie style you can find in Toronto? Check out jacflash for the latest MINKPINK pieces to add to your wardrobe. Being one of the fastest growing Australian labels to hit Canada you can never go wrong with a fun and casual yet chic piece of Oz inspired design. So next time you think of upgrading your wardrobe, don’t forget to check out the designs of Australian fashion designers. Visit different fashion websites and fashion forums of Australia to know more about them.  

I hope you enjoyed the winter cheer up and you try out some of these fun beauty tips.
Lots of love from the flip side
xx Vanessa (and the jacflash fam)

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