Sunday, January 24, 2010

jacflash new arrivals: Dee and Ricky

Twin brothers, "Dee and Ricky Jackson, have been a part of downtown’s back drop since modeling for a handful of streetwear brands that started picking them out of the scenery. 5 years ago they began designing belts with XBox game controller buckles as part of a marketing scheme for the gaming system. Evolving their idea, the Staten Island boys are now creating versions of their belts using other brands’ controllers and mini Etch-A-Sketches, but their big break looks like its on the verge of happening right as we speak!

“We met Marc Jacobs through his boyfriend Jason Preston at a party in the Hamptons… Jason was feeling the belts so we gave him a couple. He showed Marc and Marc called us up personally, going crazy like ‘I want these belts for my show for fashion week!’”

Dee and Ricky’s Lego version belt and buckles appeared in the Marc by Marc Spring 2008 show in several forms including brooches, barrettes, and bolos and immediately became a favorite of Kanye West. Currently the twins are ironing out details for an exclusive deal with the luxury designer. They’ve already created a solid gold version of their Lego buckle and are currently working on several other big projects.

Dee and Ricky are keeping a tight lid on their creations but you can find them at Kid Robot and Colette (Paris)," and now at jacflash!!

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