Friday, May 6, 2011

Jacflash: Mini Prom Guide!


Prom is just around the corner and you're stressing out! Have no fear - Jacflash is here! It can be hard deciding what to wear (and how to wear it) to such a special event so here are some tips to help lower your stress levels. First thing is to find your dress, because everything else, such as your shoes and hair, can be planned around it. There are millions of dress types you can go with like retro/vintage, pastels, LBDs, whites, jewel tones, gowns, print, etc, but the idea is to be comfortable in what you choose because the last thing you want to do is worry about your dress all night. And the same rule goes for your hair and make up. Keeping things simple and hassle free (especially if you plan on dancing the night away) means less smudging and fly-aways and less trips to the washroom. On the day of prom be sure to reach your hair and make up appointments on time so the day runs smoothly. It would be best to schedule them earlier during the day so you and your friends can take pictures before prom while everything is still fresh. With all the anxiety building up within the next month it can be hard to remember your priority is to have fun with your classmates, so upon arrival let all your worries go and most importantly be safe graduates!

Check out Jacflash's Online Catalogue for Guys and Gals Prom Attire:

(Prom Attire L-R: Alice and Olivia Tiered Dress, $675,Alice and Olivia Embellished Taupe Dress, $650 ,Saint Augustine Academy Single Button Black Blazer, $495, Black Trouser, $178, White Dinner Shirt, $143, Dee & Ricky Red Lego Heart, $55, Alice and Olivia Rhinestone Bust Dress, $895)

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