Tuesday, May 10, 2011

jacflash video of the day: The Airplane Boys 'Born to Be'


Toronto, ON / Hollywood, CA – (May 4, 2011) Stampede Management announces the much-awaited release of the first mixtape by The Airplane Boys, entitled “Where’ve You Been” on May 4th.  The Toronto-based duo comprised of Beck Motley and Bon Voyage, along with the help of Executive Producer Illangelo, surfaces from underground to the main stage music scene with this International release. The free mixtape will be available online at www.theairplaneboys.com.

Their revolutionary music is built upon captivating synths, experimental drum patterns and intricate lyrics. The fresh sound of pop/hip-hop duo The Airplane Boys is a trail-blazing cutting-edge movement for the urban culture.
Beck Motley and Bon Voyage have the unique skill to portray highly imaginative stories and concepts that compliment their distinctive sound and clever wordplay. Their sound is perpetually evolving, keeping their fans mesmerized.  Fans thrive on the raw emotion and honest life experiences prevalent in their music. They are a high-energy and risk-taking duo and have successfully created their own identity in the music scene.  Listeners are drawn to their unrestrained spirit and magnetic stage presence.

“Where've You Been is a statement, not a question. We are on a path of self-discovery, and this mixtape speaks to the ride we’ve been on and the lessons we’ve learned,” explains Beck Motley on his inspiration for the mixtape. Bon Voyage continues, “…everybody searches for themselves, we just want people to listen and hopefully relate to the journey we’re on. We hope our supporters will find something in our music that makes them feel, without questions.”

The Airplane Boys duo is part of a larger creative force, known as Beau Monde.  This talented team is the creative backbone to the success of The Airplane Boys. The Beau Monde collective results in a fresh sensory experience. The individuals within Beau Monde each play a distinctive role in such mediums as music, art direction, photography, design and film. This collective provides the environment for the true originality and unfiltered creativity that is noticed in all aspects of The Airplane Boys experience, from their mixtape artwork and photo shoots to their live performances.

“Where’ve You Been” includes The Airplane Boys original hits “Gold Ribbons”, “Escape”, as well as “Born to Be”, which samples Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs”.  The mixtape will be available online on May 4th at www.theairplaneboys.com.  Links can be found at The Airplane Boys Facebook Fan Page (http://www.facebook.com/theairplaneboys) or on their twitter page (http://twitter.com/#!/theairplaneboys). 

Download their mixtape, it's AMAZING!


I'm so proud of you guys xo

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